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Saturday, February 28

Amanda Blank album coming...

I fucking love Amanda Blank like you would never know!
I picked up the March issue of Nylon Mag (which is super good) and inside Amanda Blank talks about her debut LP dropping this Spring. Hollaaaaz! I'm too hype but hold up, it gets better. She says Lykke Li will be on it! Hollaaaz! That's gonna be a great fucking track. Of course she also has Santogold & M.I.A. on there. I'm assuming Spank Rock as well. I listen to Bump non-stop 'cause Amanda's verse is like my favorite verse ever. If you Youtube her you'll get a gazillion videos of performances that make you wish you were there. I need to see her & Spank live asap, fa real. I couldn't decide on a video to show. But here's her at Rock The Bells '08.
Jump for more videos. There's an interview with her & Spank with Dj A-Cup, what kinda of amazing-ass name is A-Cup? I love it. A-Cups in the house!

Dj A-Cup interview



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A-LI$T said...

amanda is the shiiiiit! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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