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Sunday, February 15

This day...

everyday is Saturday night, but I can't wait wait for Sunday morning


Ello there beauties & handsomes. Today was a good Sunday. My smile looks whoa ass in this pic but whatevs. I woke up to my babes & we went to buy me shoes. yay! You know our Ferris Bueller editorial, I got the Steve Madden shoes I showcased there. They are so pretty & I am so happy. I've been in a blah mood lately & shopping makes me feel better. But I'm broke, (1 reason I been blah) so Rell hooked me up :)
We were runnin' all around Soho & strangely this guy & girl kept ending up in the same places as us, after us. First we were in Supreme's temporary spot & they came in, I noticed her 'cause I liked her kicks. Then they came in both the Steve Madden stores after us..and then we went to Alife & they ended up there too. It was mad weird. But any who then we went to see the movie Taken. Good shit, you'll read my review this Saturday in issue #2. yay for that! So yea my Sunday was good. My folks & Cha Cha came back from Boston & I got home cooked pork chops, yum. The only bad part of the day was catching my period. I know TMI for you guys but I didn't expect it today, so it's arrival really pissed me off. O well, that's part of being a girl.

Below is me & Rell. And my nephew, Xavier ran into my solo pick. I love that boy. He is the cutest, smartest, & baddest 2 year old in the world. Excuse my messy room. That's it everyday. Hope you all had a good Sunday too!


Sweater: Vintage Christian Dior
Jeans: Express
Boots: Lovely People
Coat: Club Monaco
Chain: Club Monaco

*opening quote is K-OS - Sunday Morning.


.stac. said...

a. can we please discuss how effin long your hair is getting?
b. that sweater is cute! so are the shoes!
c. i miss your messy room!! =\

Fresh 5 said...

Clean that room....!!!

A-LI$T said...

loves it.. my bitch gets fresh! can't wait to share clothes!

ELLE said...

lol riiight me either We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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