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Saturday, February 14

Preggo M.I.A has a boy

* pic via huffingtonpost, thanks.

Word on the street is M.I.A popped on Feburary 12th and it's a boy!!! Well Congratulations if it is so. We are still waiting on the name, so stay tuned.


Fresh 5 said...

CONGRATS LADY!!! She should name her son Sub Zero!!

Loniii said...

definitely not. i hope after 9 months of carrying she picks a decent name.

Fresh 5 said...

LONI ur a hater...HATER...SUB ZERO...!!

Loniii said...

ugly name-yes.

ELLE said...

lol sub zero? lol i wuldnt be surprised if she sure she'll pick sumthing cool, unique, and meaningful...Elle would be perefct! lol I kno its boy but thats y it'd be unique

congrats Maya! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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