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Saturday, February 28

hip hop decathlon

So as I talked to you guys on Thursday about America's Best Dance Crew's final 2 Beat Freaks & Quest Crew & how they ripped the stage! In case you missed it or wanna watch it again, 'cause you should, here are the videos of 2 of the sickest performances ever on MTV's ABDC.

I loved Quest Crew's parts to Ne-Yo's song & their crumping...and everything basically

I love homegirl from Beat Freaks' solo housing. I need to learn that shit. And their tuttin' was on point. These bitches are on fire.


LeiTxo said...

I knew Quest was going to win once I saw their audition scene compared to everyone else's. They don't and never really did have competition in this season.


ELLE said...

thats not was in the bottom 2 wit fly kicks...beat freaks got the most votes..wit america u never kno who they gon vote 4 so lets not give quest the title yet...even tho ill be happy wit whoeva wins We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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