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Thursday, February 19

Giorgio Armani donates $1 Mil to NYC Public Schools

I was reading WWD Wednesday and learned that Italian designer and billionaire Giorgio Armani has donated $1 million to the Fund for Public Schools, a nonprofit organization. The money will be used to create the Armani Arts Institute, a program that will fund arts in schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods, with an emphasis on schools in the Bronx. He even took the train up to the Bronx the day of his announcement.

Armani called the investment an investment in the future generations of New York City...What excites me most is that we are not just providing the wood for dance floors and the oil paints for our future artists, more importantly, we are giving young kids a chance to dream.

I think this is just fucking amazing.


LeiTxo said...

I can understand the lack of support in Art oriented majors/classes but like what incentives are there to be an Art Major in school?


ELLE said...

there are plenty...and this will help there b more We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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