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Friday, February 20

Joaquin Phoenix's rap career

So many of you may have seen or heard about the appearance actor Joaquin Phoenix made on the Letterman show a couple weeks ago. Phoenix has announced that he will no longer do any acting, which is extremely sad because he is a brilliant actor. Well on the show he seems to be a little out of it. And during the appearance he announces that he will pursue a career in hop hop music as a rapper. The whole interview is hilarious. I love Joaquin, I think he is a hot tamale (pre-yeti beard). But many are wondering if it was just a publicity stunt. Well Joaquin has told People magazine that he is serious about becoming a rapper.
"After all the years of reading scripts and reading lines, this is my chance to do something straight from the heart and put it out there....When I was young I liked punk rock music but then I discovered rap. I love the storytelling aspect of hip-hop."
He has said that P. Diddy will be producing his album. You can check that very interesting Letterman appearance after the jump.
Below is his rapping debut. The audio is a little fuzzy and you can't really understand what the hell he's saying, but his flow seems to have potential. If music is truly his passion, then I am excited to see him pursue it. I hope he does go back to acting though, and let's see where this hip hop album goes.


LeiTxo said...

Damn.. what a mess and shame.

All the really hungry true to art rappers out there yet Diddy wants to endorse and push this guy who suddenly felt like he could rap by stringing a few words together to a beat possibly in a conference room.


ELLE said...

lol word, i feel u on that We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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