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Wednesday, February 18

J.Lo & the Twins

J.Lo & Marc Anthony take their twins, Emma and Max to concerts, how cool is that? They look so adorable in their Valentine's Day attire. Not really sure who favors who but cute cute.

*pic via people


ELLE said...

ulk, this couple urks me...they're on the verge of divorce...which is really a rumor but frm wat ive seen and my mom (shes all up on th PR gossip) i think its true..and a concert is no place for babies...their poor ears...those babies are interesting looking...cute tho...i think they favor jennifer

Loniii said...

yeah j.lo's fallen off. i dont like her either but i do like the babies, cute cute.
i dont believe the divorce rumor. thou
not yet. = /

ELLE said...

i luv jlo still...but marc is controlling her life

A-LI$T said...

those babies are cute.. im glad she had a girl & boy... what a life their going to have!

LeiTxo said...

Damn J. Lo fell off big time. She went from being the #1 chick in the game to hardly being mentioned anymore. Sad but I guess it has to happen to someone... right?

The baby boy's expression is hilarious.


Kay said...

i dont think the kids are cute =x buuut w.e lmao We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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