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Saturday, February 14

Theophilus London - Always Love You

Theophilous posted this on his twitter. I thought it was pretty unique and funny. I love it. Check it out. And for all of those who will be in Boston on Feb. 26th come to his show at Harpers Ferry. Tickets are only $10. It is going to be FutureCop and Theophilous. It's gonna be "crazy crazy", as Fresh5 would say. If not catch him at SWAY Feb 23., for his birthday celebration. Holla

Oh yeah, peep his myspace for more hot music and to download his mixtape, "This Charming Mixtape", for the full version of Always Love You.


Fresh 5 said...

dood is ugly but i like his swagg..CRAZY CRAZY!!!

Loniii said...

be nice.
crazy crazy
= ]

ELLE said...

yea they played his shit at sway the other nite...his whole booth, our whole booth, all of the other booths...were jammin...and yo i have a shirt just like his polo joint, mine is short sleeve tho... We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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