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Tuesday, January 26

Tasty Tuesday
I don't know why, but lately I've been eating so much Chinese food it's sickening! It all started with me going away one weekend to a friend's house, her stepmother is Chinese so she kept cooking for us and I was NOT complaining. It was SO YUMMY and all too good.

After that I came back home and realized that I kept ordering Chinese like almost everyday... Brunch, lunch,dinner,snack you name it I ate it lmao

I think I'm going to learn how to make Chinese rice, add some soy sauce and hot sauce and I am a happy camper ^_^

Oh and isn't this sooo kawaiii ?! GAH!
Pic via Flickr

Like I want to pack my lunch in a cute bento box and have my food smile at me lmao

OH and this was taken last year at my birthday dinner in Mt.Fuji!
(btw my birthday is next Saturday! The big 21!!!!)


Kay ♥ said...


Loniii Ann said...

thats so cute!

ELLE said...

yeah birthday soon!!!! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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