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Saturday, January 23

Jean Paul Gaultier for who???

WOW, how better can things get up in Target? Yup! The newest collaboration for Target is with Jean Paul Gailtier. I'm not gonna lie, just the sound of that blew my mind. I have no clue where the collaborations started, but the Rodarte line had A LOT of people flocking to Target. I'm sure this March when this line is released things would be the same. Heck, I spot a few things that I want myself. Those tattoo leggings are mine and so is that trench coat. Prices are gonna range from $17.99 to $199 and that's understandable seeing as though they have leather jackets up in the mix. I'm on a Rick Owens high right now, I'm just saying, can we get that collab??? LOL

JUMP for more pics.

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