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Sunday, January 24

Hope For Haiti Now

Some of these performances were amazing! Madonna's Like A Prayer was perfect, Beyonce with Chris Martin, doing Halo, was beautiful, Jennifer Hudson covered Let It Be wonderfully, and Justin Timberlake's voice makes me melt every time. Here he is with Matt Morris singing Hallelujah.

Jump for more from Coldplay, Cristina Aguilera, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, Shakira, and Jay-Z, Bono, and Rihanna.


Loniii Ann said...

I enjoyed the most of what I watched
Alicia Keys
love the chorus madonna had too.

Juskish said...

*clears throat*

Justin was perfect
Coldplay gets a check plus
Christina could do no wrong
Beyonce was corney
The choir was WAY better that Madonna and to be real, she wasn't needed.
Jay, Rih, and Bono = GREATNESS.
Stevie will always be Stevie, he could do no wrong
Jennifer left my cup half full. She was perfect, but Fantasia would have completed things
Taylor Swift, I never really liked her, but she was good.
Shakira was a winner.

The best performance goes to Wyclef though. He brought Carnival to the stage. Something that is personal to islanders. Something that brings them together every year. He gave the world a glimpse of his people's music. Much respect to him. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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