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Friday, January 22

a little much Amber

LMAO, what the heck. I can't help but laugh, I get a kick out of these two, especially Amber Rose, what is she wearing? Heck if I know, some little shredded number that I kind of like minus the bodysuit underneath, wack. Should've just went butt ass naked, lol nah I am pushing it. But peep Kanye's spiked Louboutin Slippers. But nontheless gotta love these two!

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A-LI$T said...

yeah kanye is def jus makin a point that his bitch can do watever she wants. risk taking is inspirational... but i dunno about this outfit... wat is that tat??

Juskish said...

you know every ex dancer/stripper has some kind of prints on them...i think thats what it is! lol
Could be dead ass wrong tho...but thats my guess

Loniii Ann said...

her voice still gets me.

ELLE said...

love her voice! i actually dig this. it is a little too much, but thats wat makes it good. its clever. and the coat, which looks like rick owens, was a perfect add. love the nude lips and nails. her tat looks gross tho.

and kanye, he is def making a statement..them louboutins on his feet!

superduperkya said...

i've seen her in a bikini b4 and i never saw that tat, i hope its not new -_- lmao.
but she can wear whatever she wants :)

Juskish said...

oh the things I would do for a rick owens jacket! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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