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Monday, December 28

Missing Monday

Gemma Ward is one of my all time favorite models. She use to be my number one fav but she hasn't done any work in a while. She had such a peak career at one point, doing work left and right. But I recently read that the 22yr old has chosen to quit modeling, due to criticism of her weight. She was spotted in NYC on her bday in Nov sporting a thicker figure, looking healthy and gorgeous. I actually had two dreams that she and I were lesbian lovers. I'm sad I won't get to see her in mags anymore, but as long as she's happy it's cool. I think she filmed some movies in '08, so let's see what's next for her.

1 comment:

Loniii Ann said...

ahahah elle i love you, you crack me up
and omfg shes gorgeous!
those freckles are to die for!!! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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