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Tuesday, December 22


About 2 weekends ago I had these things called Deep-Fried Oreos...sounds yucky right? I know, I know. I was hesitant to try them at first because it sounded so weird, like really, " A fried oreo, how is that possible?" But in fact it was possible and they were really delicious. It's just a Double Stuffed Oreo wrapped in a pancake blanket deep fried with powered sugar on top sort of like funnel cake. Where I stay up in New Hampshire, the restaurant where I get them from calls them DOREOS. So cute. Can't knock it until you try it and I highly recommend you try them. YUMS!


Elle said...

i heard about these. i think id actually enjoy them. is the oreo crunchy still?

Elle said...

i want oreos now...mmm chocolate covered overs are the greatest. yum

Elle said...

oooh and charcolate covered pretzels...yum i want sum We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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