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Monday, December 21

Alicia Keys X Giant Magazine

Oh Boy! Check out Alicia Keys in the Winter '10 issue of Giant Magazine. She is just so beautiful to me. She really reminds me of the character in Love & Basketball. I've never seen her as a girlie girl. She's always been a girl that would be just as cool and comfortable in some sneakers and shorts, but knows how to get their glamour on, to me. I love the pics and she looks so gorgeous in them. GO GIRL!

JUMP for more pics!


Loniii Ann said...

I love me some Alicia
But Giant did a poor job styling, they need hire ELLE asap, lol
just saying
not feeling her hair
I do love the top picture though

Juskish said...

Yeah I think so too, but she's so "conservative"/boring. lol I think it fits her style, but a different set up would have made this wayyy better.

I liked the first two the best. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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