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Monday, November 23

11/23!!! the waits OVER!

11/23, is the day of serveral releases for the ladies of r&b & pop. Have you been keeping up, I am sure if you're on twitter (ps, follow us @21_7magazine) then you had no choice but to keep up. Rihanna - Rated R, Lady GaGa - Fame Monster and last but not least Beyonce - I Am Yours DVD. BUY & SUPPORT HARD WORKING WOMEN!!!!!!


Juskish said...

So many people are getting Rihanna's album and it's funny bcuz nothing really is too new. Dope chick, crazy ass production and a limp voice...still. All of her albums produced hitssss, so I"m still tryna figure out why she has all these new fans. I really wanna know what made people jump on this time around :-/

ELLE said...

its just the hype. the hype they created the 1st time she made a public appearance after the incident dressed to fucking kill. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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