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Monday, November 23

Ri's killing em'

Rihanna at this years American Music Awards. No one caught my attention, quite like this gyal. I was not really feeling her red carpet dress, which was Marchesa Spring 2010, black and white gown with rosette cut outs. Definitely could've done better. But I was drooling all over was her performance outfit, my gawd, fucking loved it. JUMP for the flicks and her performance.

Peep that killer throat tattoo, I wonder it it's real.


Elle said...

that dress is disgusting. but her performance outfit, off the hook. im sure that tat isnt real, i surely hope it isnt

ELLE said...

that performance was so whack

Juskish said...

this dress is dumb, she could have done better and yeah her performance was ass as usual. Like WTF were those lights about? lol We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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