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Thursday, November 26

Thoughtful Thursday

I'm all about questioning everything. I have a tinkle of rebellious in me and I enjoy to learn on my own. It's the hard way though, because it leads you to make realizations that completely change your mindset and outlook on the world.

Existential philosophy is defined as the "explicit conceptual manifestation of an existential attitude that begins with a sense of disorientation and confusion in the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world."

I think we all experience a time when we question everything that is taught for us to simply accept. Definitely keep questioning it and doing your own research to find your own truth.

This world is INSANE when you really think about it. But too much thinking can drive any man crazy. Personally, I think that we're put on the earth to learn. I also believe everything happens for a reason; as a lesson for you to deeply consider and change in the event of. In any case, let's just keep gaining and spreading knowledge. One cannot learn solely through talking or listening, mutual communication is the KEY.

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