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Thursday, February 25

Snoop Dogg on my soap!

Snoop Dogg was on One Life To Live yesterday. It was a great episode! Everyone knows All My Children is my number one, but I been watching both these forever. And Snoop's apprearance was one to remember. Apparently it wasn't his first time visiting Llanview (the town's name), he kept saying "Llanview, what it do". And he's actually good friends with Bo Buchanan (long time character). When he went to Bo's house he referred to Snoop by his real name and they talked about real things, like Snoop's fam. He spoke in a lot of slang, which was kind of funny. Then he performed at their night club and everyone was jamming to his track I Wanna Rock. I had so much fun watching! They even re-did the soap's theme song with a Snoop Dogg version. Jump for his "acting" part. This here is his performance.

He's in the beginning of this and then the rest of his scene is at about 2 min.


Kristie said...
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Kristie said...

he re did the theme song when he was on Monk too that was a good one! he didnt play himself though. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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