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Sunday, February 21

Sunday Songs

This past week Loni blogged about a mixtape Chris Brown dropped on Valentine's Day titled "In My Zone." Excuse me while I put my caps on...


There are a few songs on this mixtape that are neon green, glow in the dark, highlighter worthy.
Let's avoid a walk through of every song. No baby steps. We're strong enough to fly, so I'll just recommend, AGAIN, that you download this mixtape. Get it HERE, but incase you really need a preview, "Bullshit," and " Turnt Up" are two good starting points. "Turnt Up" is the first track on the tape, and like Kanye did at the Mtv VMAs, I disrespectfully went off when the beat dropped. This song is in the "best of all time" category LOL. Press Play after the JUMP!


Loniii Ann said...

you already know.
Been listening to it alll weekend!!!

Juskish said...

I love this mixtape! WORD!

(SEX)AVIER said...

yo wtf son dont be posting this gar-brown

Juskish said...

hahahahahaha you mean to tell me you didn't enjoy our weekend long listening secession?

I could have sworn I saw you mouthing some of the lyrics! lol We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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