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Saturday, February 20

Bey in Trinidad

So Beyonce was in Trinidad this weekend and she performed two days after Carnival. From what I was hearing from the media and talking to my cousin, a lot of people in Trinidad were not happy about her coming. Yesterday though, I got some good news. Bey DID HER THING down there. Not surprised though. She honestly holds down concerts that you don't ever want to miss if you have the chance to attend.

The video that I posted is of Beyonce partying it up at Zen in Trinidad. The video warmed my heart. Anywhere Beyonce goes there will always be people crowding her, but do you ever see her at a club partying it up with fans? Here in America her ass would be in VIP somewhere. Anyways, shout-out to Beyonce for trusting the people in Trinidad to do such a thing, and shout-out to Trinidad for the hospitality.


Loniii Ann said...

well damn i wish i was there, but she had to dance with like 80 guys around her, wack!

Drew Mania said...

Damn thats what club zen do to people... lol and Loniii you right whack for having 80 brolic dubes around her couldnt give her dub play lol We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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