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Saturday, February 20

21-7 Weekly Poll:


If your friend got into a fight, what would you do?

Break it up 21%
Jump in 60%
Get help 0%
Let them fight 17%

This is maybe our most diverse results so far. And all answers are understandable. Breaking it up really is the most sensible decision, because violence is never the answer. It's truly unnecessary. Letting them fight makes sense because if two people want to fight, that's their decision, if that be the case. Jumping in however, sometimes seems like the only`result in the moment, if it's in a case of defensive. Like maybe some big man-bitch hits your much smaller friend for no reason. Well..then..shit happens. You have to protect you and yours. I suppose getting help is a whack decision because police are jerks, and I don't think people should get in trouble for fighting unless it's on some serious injuries shit. But it can get to that, so it's best not to result to fighting. Though it can feel so good punching someone; just fuck it. It's not worth your energy. That's serious negativity. I always say fight only if it's honest defensive. If there is no need to jump in and your friend didn't even want to fight, then try to break it up.

This photography is by Trevor Lee. His work is amazing.
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Lady G. & Cynz said...

Well I live in NYC in the Lower East Side and when you go out in the evening there is bounc to be a fight. I have one sister and 5 brothers. So for me I guess it depends on the moment and situation given. I have been in situations where Yes i had to jump in and beat someones ass because my family member needed help, there were times where i called for help because and i will state why.....if i get arrested i will never be able to work for my job again so people need to think about their career it may be at stake [i work with children if im arrested i will never be able to work with kids again], or theres times i just let em fight because one a lady you never get involved in a grown mans fight thats something you stay out of you have men out there who have no shame in hitting a lady sadly , so you let the two dudes brawl it out , thats a man thing you dont get involved or sometimes not for nothing but theres instances where whoever Im with was looking for told them to stop they didnt wanna listen so what happened they go their ass beat. So it depends on the situation, the moment and the type of person you are. Its all a judgement call :)

ELLE said...

word We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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