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Sunday, August 23

21-7 Weekly Poll:

Do you believe a world disaster will occur in December 2012?

0% said Yes (thank you)
57% No it's propaganda
42% I don't know what to believe anymore

I am actually disappointed in these results, 'No' should have had much more votes. Listen my people, we can not let the negative energy mess with our minds. All this 2012 shit is so insanely ridiculous, it's crazy to think it was true. TRUST! Always trust that everything will be ok. And never let the chitter chatter of others make you feel like you don't know what to believe. You should always know what you believe. Believe in a better day.

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Marc Papers said...

This is just some other Y2K bullshit. If we die then we all die... f it... wont ruin the rest of my days worrying..


Backyard betty said...

Shit...As long as I can leave this earth knowing I've done everything that my heart has desired...I'll be all good we all have to die sometime..even if its not on our clock. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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