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Monday, August 3

Sue your college!

"27-Year old Trina Thompson is suing her former college Monroe College in the Bronx for the $70,000 in tuition she paid because she has been unable to find a job since graduating in April. Trina says she blames the school for not providing her with enough jobs leads or post college advice"

Now I am so with this shit! We pay thousands in tuition and end up jobless and hopeless. I just graduated and am doing shit with it. I have friends who graduated a year ago and only have a part time job. It's really sad actually. I feel her pain. My loans are going to need to be paid back and I work part time.
But in the case of Trina, you JUST graduated in April, give it some time before you start suing. At least wait for the Summer to be over, then maybe you'd have a more realistic case. A school spokesman said “The lawsuit is completely without merit.”
School fucking sucks and Diplomas are fucking useless! I'm angry all over again now.


1 comment: We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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