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Thursday, August 6

Top 10 Worst Names in Hip Hop

This was interesting, according to Keys 2 the City on Imeem, these are the top 10 worst names in hip hop history. Do yall agree?

The top 10 worst names in hip-hop history


ELLE said...

i like fat joe

Loniii Ann said...

this list was interesting
i expected some bizarrer names. lol clearly that not a word but oh well
these arent the worse but not the best or too creative.

A-LI$T said...

of course the puerto rican would like to only puerto rican!!! naw but i agree wit the list... except for... red cafe... i dont think he's the WORST or Mr. Cheeks... he made hits and The Lox.. wtf? they made classics!!!

Marc Papers said...

I think they were just referring to the names and not the music because obviously The Lox are hot. lol @Mr. Cheeks && Y@k Ballz but I dont see whats wrong with Red Cafe or Bun B.

*MP* We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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