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Thursday, September 10

21-7 Weekly Poll:

Ecstasy, would you try it?

Might take half a pill 53%
Never 38%
I will soon 7%
I have already 0%

Though Ecstasy is a "Happy Pill", it can also be a deadly pill. One too many people have died off their first try. Sure most people have taken and been ok, and maybe half a pill isn't so bad. But before you get down with X, know the facts. I googled and found some interesting shit. JUMP!

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Although MDMA is safe assuming you take a normal dose and only do it a few times in your life, Ecstasy is just a pill made illegally and you have no idea what is in it (or how much). This is why experienced users use test kits to make sure it has MDMA and to try to make sure it doesn't have some other unwanted things (ketamine, PMA).

The most likely problem is that you will buy a pill with no MDMA (just filler, caffeine, etc.) or it will have a low dose. You should try to use pills that have been tried by people you trust (like friends that are more experienced).

You should stay properly, but not overly, hydrated, and not overexert yourself (don't dance for 4 hours straight or anything). Be careful not to do anything that you wouldn't while sober (like unsafe sex). It is extremely unlikely that you would die from taking Ecstacy.Pills do, however, often have other drugs than just pure MDMA. If you don't want to take anything that you don't know what's in it, ecstasy may not be for you.

Most pills are made somewhat uniformly, it is relatively safe to split the pill in half, your not going to end up with more than 60% or less than 40% of the dose. If your really concerned, crush the pill into a powder, then consume half of the powder (mixed with juice in a shotglass for example).

MDMA (Ecstacy) is the same drug used by psychotherapists a few decades ago.

Swallowing MDMA on an empty stomach will allow your body to quickly absorb it. Approximately 30 minutes to two hours to reach peak level.

If you put a pill under your tongue and allow it to slowly dissolve in your mouth will significantly reduce the wait time. Approximately 30 minutes to an hour to reach peak level. Although X pills taste extremely bitter.

Crushing up a pill and snorting it will produce quick results. Approximately 15 to 30 minutes to reach peak level. Although this method may cause nasal pain as X pills are notoriously harsh on the nose.


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