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Wednesday, September 30

Drop it Teyana

Last video for me, I just had to post this because Teyana was getting it in this video. Work it girl. I loved every last dance move. WATCH IT!


Juskish said...

Yeah the dancing is deff on point! This girl is def talented and you must here her sing...dope!

My only thing is why is everyone wearing the same pants from American Apparel?

Loniii Ann said...

this is so fucking great !!!
i had to watch it for the 3rd time
i love her hair
get it guurrrrrl
reminds me some what of beyonce, but this routine is amazing !

ELLE said...

yea the dancing was really great...i think its whack she would call herself the best tho. home girl can dance but what about a credible album huh

Loniii Ann said...

True I agree.
But I am going to watch it one more time,
lol i love it.
i wish i could dance fuccccck

Backyard betty said...

Yeah she can dance her ass far as singing?? Nahhhh I rather listen to lil bust a high note We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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