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Tuesday, September 22

October, Issue 9 has arrived!


The wind is blowing, sweaters are in full effect, leaves will soon begin to drop, in other words, hello October! This issue we are featuring a bunch of great artists. From our cover girl, Jade, an amazing singer full of soul, to eclectic producer full of spark, Benny Blanco. From drug-dealer-girls to night-riders, we feature two killer editorials for each gender's fashionable pleasure. We sat down with highly-respected artist, PaperMonster, his work will continue to amaze you, canvas after canvas. The photographer with a personality to match his top-notch-snap-shots, Poppa Purp spilled it on anything and everything–and we mean it! Betty is taking over You Oughta See and breaks down the top must-see movies. In honor of the spooky month of October, we are covering some interesting topics, from what's after death to the origin of superstitions. We have also switched up the presentation this month, and we know you all will love it! So crank up the heat, brew some tea and start clicking!

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