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Wednesday, September 2

21-7 Weekly Poll:

This past week we asked about oral sex? The options and results were;

I give, don't get 0%
I get, don't give 0%
I give & get 78%
I don't give or get 21%

I found these results very interesting. Majority of you are fully down with oral, and the rest don't fuck with it. Honestly I think people who don't do it at all need to get with the program. But I think it's really interesting that no one voted either of the other two. I suppose no one would want to admit they either are selfish and get but don't give, or that they're stupid for giving and not getting.
Equality, people!!!! For those who give & get, holla! Thank you and You're welcomes are the best!

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Backyard betty said...

loll Shittt Im digging the shit out of the picture you picked for this entry Elle!! and for those who are being selfish and not giving special kisses...tSkTsk!!

ELLE said...

it took me forever to choose a pic...i was getting mad horny searching lmao

Kisha said...

Whoa! that pic! lol

Loniii Ann said...

pretty disturbing
ill make sure next time im on here too not scroll this far. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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