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Friday, October 16

21-7 Weekly Poll:

So Lady Gaga has been diagnosed by you as Fucking crazy and Truly talented. You guys hit it right on the spot. This 23yr old performing artist has shut down 2009. Homegirl sold over 3 million in albums and 20 million in singles. She's a trained pianist with a wicked voice and out-of-this world fashion sense. She's really risen the bar in the artistry of music. Yeah, her public image is a bit outlandish, and it may just be one huge gimmick. All just an image. But 2 things that can not be denied, is that she's fucking crazy and truly talented. Here are your results

Fucking crazy 58%
Truly talented 58%
Iconic 33%
Poser 25%
Overrated 16%
Fashion forward 8%
Played out 0%

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1 comment:

Loniiii said...

i fucking love her !
i cant remember my response but i think i said truly talented !!! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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