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Tuesday, October 20

Rihanna -Russian Roulette

Listen and download Rihanna's new single, Russian Roulette, right here!


Juskish said...

I am loving the vocal growth and the production of the song, but it is totally not a single. It'll grow on me as most of her songs do :-p

Elle said...

i downloaded it and then it said it wont play b.c it was prob deleted, mad whack...ill check youtube

Elle said...

found it, i def agree it isnt a bangin single 2 be her 1st one out. and i hate the name. but she does sound awfully pretty and the song is nice.

ELLE said...

and rihanna is def down with sex sells. much more often these days huh? barb wire around ur boobs! wat! that shit wuld hurt. and a sharp, deadly-looking R logo. Interesting. I wonder wat she's going threw deep inside. wat will her tell all, behind the music be like, will there ever be 1? alright i just consumed myself in2 way 2 much celebrity shit

Loniiii said...

i like it
i loving the barb wire tooo

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