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Tuesday, February 9

Tasty Tuesday

How many of us want to grow up? I know I do, but I must commit to keeping my youthfulness. Ready to fire? Aim for Fruit Stripe Gum. For exactly four minutes and 27 seconds, your taste buds will salute you. I actually had to laugh out loud typing this because as I read the package of my Fruit Stripe Gum, it says "NOW LONGER LASTING FLAVOR!" Who the heck are they fooling? :-D But seriously, for the time the essence enters your mouth, you WILL enjoy it. Even more so, on every wrapper is one of our favorite child-time fetishes...TATTOOS! YUP! With instructions to, "moist skin SLIGHTLY," and then to "place tattoo color side down," followed by, pressing "firmly for 15 seconds," the removal that then wowed all children, will now send you back in time with it's time machine effect. Coming in "5 juicy flavors," run to you nearest corner store and request it, because most of them don't sell it. Warmart is where I get mine!!!


Kay ♥ said...

giiiirl you just sold me on this lmao

Loniii Ann said...

you went in on this post.
good job
This is gum is good shit.

Juskish said...

hahahahah word & thanks Kay! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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