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Friday, February 5

My day Friday

My tonight will be spent watching Where The Wild Things Are with some friends of mine. Super excited. I have been meaning to see this movie since it came out, but it easily slipped my mind since Im not a big movie-goer. But I am in luck tonight, because my school has brought the movie and is showing it all weekend, so if it's any good, which I heard it was, I will be seeing it numerous times at the cost of nada. Yay Me! I do want to wish everyone a safe and wonderful weekend. cia0!


Juskish said...

The funny thing is, we're supposed to pay...but we walk pass the like bosses that we're oblivious about the fact that we are supposed to be paying...I think I might be seeing it too...not sure yet.

Loniii Ann said...

Itll be fun times! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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