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Thursday, June 25

Ciara f/ Missy - Work

There's a lot of "work" going on in this video, but overall not too bad. I do love her cd, so go get that.


A-LI$T said...

ayyy ciara is GETTIN it in in this video.. loves the outfits too ut-ohhhh

ELLE said...

ciara really did go IN on the dancing. At first i didnt like the dancing cuz it was just repetitive of what ciara always does, but then it gotta better. Not alot better, it was just a lot of rump shaking...if we want 2 call that dancing. And I dont like the song...mayb itll grow on me....and the outfits are just okay, nothing crazy that i havent seen b4. the cut off wife beater outfit was the wackest ever, and the tool belts were distracting. the only head to toe good outfit was the green jumpsuit...and even that was nuthin crazy. sorry not a fan We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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