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Monday, June 22

Manis & Margaritas NY!

HER Nails, 21-7 Magazine, Princess of the Posse, & Boys & Clothes Magazine!
You must attend Manis & Margaritas. We don't know when HER Nails will be back in NYC so take advantage. Make an appointment to get your nails done early. But if you don't want your nails did, there's still a BBQ, drinks, music, and a P.O.P sale. Hollaz! This shit will be a blast! See you there! Sunday, June 28th!



Kay said...

ummmmm yeah kinda mad that i most likely work that day... no one told me :(

mackster said...

I can'ttttt wait for this! hopefully it's nice & sunny :)

ELLE said...

sorry kay...we just finalized a date a couple days ago. and word mack hopefully it is. itll b fun either way

Kay said...

its ok love , i tried gettinoff but it didnt work We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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