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Saturday, July 18

21-7 Weekly Poll:

Pick your meat!

52% chose Chicken
23% chose Pork
17% chose Beef
5% chose Fish

Of course chicken would win in the battle of the meats. It's the universal meat. People of all cultures eat it. I chose pork though. All day every day, it's my fav. Lately I've noticed so many people giving up pork. And some of my Muslim friends have tried to get me to give it up. Never. I know it has it's negatives. But damn, it's deeeelicious!

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Xavier said...

stay away from that swine elle!!

ELLE said...

NEVER! im eating 2 porkshops as we speak. so amazing!

Loniii Ann said...

lol lol
chicken w/ madddddd ketchup BOMB. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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