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Wednesday, July 22

Rest In Peace Dash Snow

Legendary artist, Dash Snow passed away of a drug overdose on July 13th. Former graffiti writer, co-founder of graff crew IRAK, installation artist, and photographer, Snow was known to depict "the fall of humanity". He said he took pictures for when he couldn't remember the night before. Pictures that showed, with raw honesty, sex, drugs, and the young NYC scene. This led to him becoming an artist. He's famously known for his Fuck The Police project, in which he framed newspaper rip outs of crooked cop stories, sprayed with his cum. He lived a very interesting life, and has a very intense story. It's the story of a free-spirit, a criminal, an artist, a druggy, a New Yorker, a man.
Jump for more information and to see some of his very vivid and explicit art work. (not suitable for parents, work, or children)

I read a 9 page article on Dash Snow from New York Mag (written in 2007). It was one of my best hours spent all week. Very much, worth the read. The NY Mag article has a lot to do with artists Ryan McGinley and Dan Colen, Snow's partners in crime, best friends, all apart of the Downtown art scene. It also includes words from other friends, like Earsnot, co-founder of Irak and owner of ALIFE. Dash Snow's life will shock, inspire, and awaken you. His art was built off of a NYC scene of sex, drugs, and violence. In the end, heroine was his demise. At the young age of 28, he leaves behind a 2 year old daughter, name Secret. Much like the man her father was, a mystery.

See more polaroids here.
Read a tribute from his best friend, photographer Ryan McGinley in Vice Magazine here.

I love his tattoos (click to enlarge all)

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Fresh 5 said...

every real hard artist falls to this thing called the overdose..sry to c u gone hommie..IRAK 4EVER...also IP JOEY SEMZ!!! alson a member of IRAK!!! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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