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Tuesday, July 21



Hello beautiful 21-7 readers! Issue 7 has arrived to the world wide web!
This month, we caught up with Amanda Blank just in time for her debut album, I Love You, in stores August 4th. We get into the musical minds of DJ Will Gates, Mike Posner, Kemizt and Quest. In fashion, Do I Look Like I Hate Myself is a rad all black editorial guaranteed to make you love looking suicidal. We also caught up with the founders of recently debuted clothing line, Society Original Products. And fellas, we're getting you ready for fall with Knockin' The Boots. We review the world's most talked about saga, Twilight. We're showing off some of Paul McCarthy and Timothy Hochstetter's best work. Don't know how to network? No problem, we'll break everything down on Using Your Networks. The Jewelry Man keeps us giggling in our YouTube highlight. Antwan Duncan of gets us in the know on how he chooses to frame his photo. We'll keep you up all night with How to Stay Awake, and we add to your power with our Tree of Knowledge. And there is so much more! Get a drink, a comfy seat and catch up on your favorite online magazine!

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