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Friday, July 31

whatever man

Drake defends his Best I Ever Had video, saying he didn't want an R&B video, that he wanted to make a funny video. But the only thing funny about that shit was the times he spoke and that's it. Just say you made a dumb ass video Drake, like come on. He said he wanted a video he could act in and went to say he couldn't act in a love-themed video but caught himself, cause that'd be bullshit. Drake you just wanted to see titties jiggling. I hate frontin' as ma' fuckers. Oh well, maybe he'll get it right the next time, 'cause we'll still be loving his music.

1 comment:

Loniii Ann said...

lol elle
you are a riot
but what kinda acting was that
love ya drake =/ We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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