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Friday, February 12

21-7 Weekly Poll:

Do you recycle?

Always 21%
Never 0%
Sometimes 78%

In response to our last poll, in which 100% of you agreed that recycling should be a law, only 21% of you actually recycle. Hmmm, problem. We can't just talk about it guys, we have to be about it. I know recycling is tedious, but damnit, it is important. And from last week's, poll I can tell you guys know that. You need to live that. Recycle EVERYDAY! Not just when you happen to see a recycling can. Buy one for your home. It'll eventually be apart of your normal life; the way it should have been for all of us, from the beginning of time. We're partnering with Pussy Galoreee to help the world with their green movement, stay tuned for that. We have a responsibility to take care of our planet. Here is a list of things you can and can't recycle.


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