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Friday, February 5

My day Friday

As some of you know, I attend the University of New Hampshire and if you don't know anything about New Hampshire, that's a HUGE influence on this post. Yesterday, world-renowned poet, activist, educator and author Nikki Giovanni gave the keynote for our annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration. Using words to describe her brilliance would be like loosing a race by .01 seconds. The presence of such an icon in a white ignorant state as New Hampshire was so grand and for once, I'm sure, the minority community was able to feel above. The house was not pack as it was last year when Angela Davis came, however, the air was thick as everyone took their seat ready to listen. Strangely enough, the thickness in the air was splashed with a bucket of water as mounts of laughing entered. The poet was a comedian, or perhaps it was just greatness and for almost two hours I was privileged.

JUMP for my pic with the poet. It is surely one for the books.


Loniii Ann said...

amazing night!
pardon the ems in the background, LOL

Juskish said...

aye, be nice!

Loniii Ann said...

what I was just saying.
the ems rolled up during the photo time.

21-7 Magazine said...

aw that was a really nice post
-elle We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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