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Monday, February 8

Fashion Week A/W 2010

New York Fashion Week, for 2010 Autumn/Winter Collections begins this week, Feb. 11th. I'm wicked excited! The city will be full of celebrities, socialites, fashionistas, designers, models, and photographers galore. I plan to dress my best everyday, who knows who I'll run into. You can see the schedule for Fashion Week here.
I learned some interesting information about this Mercedes-Benz event. The celebrities that are sitting front row, get paid to sit there! How insane is that? I read this list that shows you how much certain celebs get paid based on their status. Not sure how accurate it is, and some celebs are missing, like Kanye, and Gaga, but Rihanna is certainly balling out of control. Here are the A-listers payments: JUMP for the others.

Rihanna ($100,000 or more)
Beyonce ($80,000-$100,000)
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen ($80,000 each)
Julianne Moore ($60,000)
Maggie Gyllanhal ($60,000)
Chloe Sevigny ($60,000 or more)
Jennifer Lopez (circa 2005: $80,000; circa 2010: $30,000)
Lindsay Lohan (circa 2006: $60,000; circa 2010; UNINVITED)
Colin Firth (pre-A Single Man: $5,000; post-A Single Man: $15,000)

Blake Lively ($50,000)
Leighton Meester ($40,000)
Hillary Duff ($40,000)
Other Gossip Girl cast members ($25,000 a piece)
Jared Leto ($25,000)
Cliven Owen ($10,000)
Kristen Bell (unpaid, but airfare, makeup and clothing are taken care of)

Kim Kardashian ($35,000-$50,000)
Amanda Bynes ($25,000-$30,000)
Eliza Dushku (unpaid, but airfare, makeup and clothing are taken care of)

Paris Hilton (free or UNINVITED)
Jersey Shore cast (UNINVITED)
America’s Next Top Model Winners (free)


Loniii Ann said...

well daggggg.
Go RiRi

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