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Tuesday, February 2

let the sunlight dance on your skin

Kesh posted this self-potrait on her tumblr entitled, "let the sunlight dance on your skin". I am drooling all over it, nakedness is my favorite and she pulls it off so well and sexy in this photo, it's freaking amazing. Ow. Well done my lady. Ps. This is self-photography, she is impeccable. Love her, duh!


Loniii Ann said...

wow I just wrote a prayer to Kesh
oh well i fucking love her

ELLE said...

you wrote a prayer TO her? That sounds weird and creepy.

but this pic is pretty nice

Loniii Ann said...

no no not an actual prayer silly
this sounded like i wrote a prayer to her, bc of all the compliments
ahaha We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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