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Monday, May 18

21-7 Weekly Poll:

This past week we asked you homies,
Does it annoy you when people kiss in public?

Yes, always 45%
Sometimes 36%
I don't mind it 18%

I voted yes, always. PDA just makes me uncomfortable. A couple kisses, I don't mind. But when couples go in, I get annoyed. It can be sweet or it can be sickening.

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Loniii Ann said...

yeah i can't stand it.
like people really be going in
like ewl.
*rolls eyes*

A-LI$T said...

i really hate it when ppl kiss for NO REASON in public. I mean if you're meeting or leaving.. like cool. But otherwise.. stop making out!

Yersmania said...

you gals aint in love thats why

Backyard betty said...

lol this doesnt really bother me well only if its an old maybe they are trying to keep the light in their relationship...if its a bunch of young motherfuckers....they can go somewhere with that bullshit. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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