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Thursday, May 28

this week in celebrity gossip

Celebrity gossip is wrong. We really shouldn't give a fuck. And the internet is full of lies. But damn is this shit entertaining. lol. America.

Kanye & Amber Rose break up? This article is about some funny shit Amber Rose said about her and Ye. It's probably all lies but funny if true...and I've always thought this relationship was a stunt. I hope Ye finds true love soon.

CB is a fucking asshole who's name I don't even want on 21-7. But he spoke out on being the animal that he is. You will be in awe of his denial. We saw the pic you jerk! Nice to know you're sorry. smfh. And fucking Bow wow in there co-signing lmao. Cornballs always stick together.

Drake isn't dating Rihanna :( or maybe he is. But there's someone else he's spending time with. And all I have to say is nooooooooooooo!

Theybf showed pics of Rihanna's reported new NYC crib. So happy she's here! And she was subpoenaed to testify against the above asshole next month. Holla!

and lastly Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving Samantha Ronson's crib. I love Lindsay, she looks so pretty, I want her hair. And I hope her & Sam work shit out.

*oh & has any1 seen Kanye's Paranoid video featuring Rihanna? It's removed every where, I'm tight.


A-LI$T said...

okay! Elle the gossip queen

Elle said...

i was on blogs for too long lol We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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