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Tuesday, May 26

Pretty Ricky's Spectacular Gets

I am not surprised, these Pretty Ricky boys are some freaks, I guess Spectacular just stands out the most. Watch this, lmao quite amusing. Caution it is pretty explicit.

*I hope yall watch it before YouTube deletes it, lol.


ELLE said...


he moves like an exotic a gay club

what is he challeneging the other singers to tho? who can grind the best?

Fresh 5 said...

OOOOOOHHH SHITTTT ...IS this sisqo's son? This dood is wild gay like 4 real..WOW!!LOL!!

Loniii Ann said...

he dancers way better than me.

ELLE said...

lol na there are straight guys who dance like this tho lol

Backyard betty said...

Ok this dude is wylin lolll with his fruit of the loom briefs he should of atleast did this lil gay dance in some zebra print boxers

EmpressLuv said...


A-LI$T said...

no this is gay.... wtf is he doin? draggin his lips down like that... this is super gay/// when he pulls down his panties and bites his lips. 1:50m... madd gayyyy. he is dancing gay... but totally not appropriate for a straight man.... and he def jus RUINED their comeback We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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