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Wednesday, May 27

Kanye West f/ Mr. Hudson - Paranoid

This is my song, i love the evil laugh in the begin, creepy but i like it for some strange reason. I will let y'all be the judges of this video, PEEP.


Loniii Ann said...

Rihanna is too fucking pretty, that B got it bad.
what's her secrets, man
pissed, where is kanye, barely in the video, wth yo

Backyard betty said...

I LOATHE this video like come on he done fucked up with the amazing video now he did it again. Video is gorgeous yea we know but damn did we have to see her so much if you ask me he shouldn't had made a video for this song at all just leave it to imagination....ok enough of my hate....besides the point I love the song! ;D We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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