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Thursday, May 21

Dear RiRi, Ya Fucking Gorgeous

Could not help but notice how gorgeous Rihanna is. I adore RiRi for her style and beauty, very proper. Congrats Rihanna on going platinum 12 times. It was well deserved. Love the tan, the look, the outfit, EVERYTHING!

*thanks ybf for the lovely photos.


Backyard betty said...

lol shes adorable..but now i cant look at her without the nudies flashing in the back of my head!

MACK said...

she was supposedly smooching with drake in some lounge. FAIL!!!

Loniii Ann said...

@mack yeah I heard,she needs to slow her prettyself down

ELLE said...

lol yal silly...she always looks amazing! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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