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Sunday, June 14

Degrassi Marathon on Now!

Degrassi: The Next Generation Marathon is happening right now on "The N" channel. Tune in asap. They're showing the older episodes with Jimmy aka Drake, back when he was younger, so cute, love his voice. I love this show watching it take me back to when I was in like high school and I use to watch this all the time. I wonder if Drake is watching it too, that would be funny.


Loniii Ann said...

This is my fucking show.
I so had a crush on jimmy and jt, they're the cutest ones on there. I never liked the way Emma dressed.

autumn said...

been watching it all day.

Loniii Ann said...

im still watching too, its depriving me of sleep, i need atleast 3hrs, lol

ELLE said...

yea cant help but what it...itll be on all summer too...the sad thing is i miss jimmy...he hasnt been in any of the new episodes since drake is doin his thing. so its nice 2 watch jimmy in the old 1s We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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