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Tuesday, June 9

Kickboxing 101: Stay Fit

Exercising is the worse but lord knows I need it, so I decided to get a personal trainer yall, let's see if I follow through. But if you think a personal trainer is bogus, then check out our new article in issue 5, Kickboxing 101, for easy, quick and free do it at home tips to maintaing a sexy healthy tone body. Everyone loves a tone body, I know I would love one, that's why I am hitting the gym asap, and if that doesn't work out, kickboxing it is. So grab some friends and head to the backyard and get cha kick on. lol

*thnx google for the image


ELLE said...

kickboxing is also great self defense!

Loniii Ann said...

word. my kicks are to high though so lets hope it works the magic on mofo's who wanna press me We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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